Local on-site support

Left Coast can be the local on-site support for your Victoria sub-office, anywhere from PC repair and replacement and Server monthly maintenance, to something as simple as someone locally to power on your servers for you. We support several local businesses as the local on-site hands this way, for an easy hourly fee. Call us or contact us to discuss today.

Canadian Based Office 365 for Privacy Compliancy

We can provide full Office 365 for your business and ensure your data is kept within Canada thereby providing your clients and regulators the assurance your data is where it needs to be.  Secure, encrypted, and compliant.

Mobile Access to your data

From Dropbox to Skydrive and Google Drive, you can access your work data securely and fast from your phone, tablet, or phablet. These apps work across mostly all phone OS’s and mirror the data on your PC, home or work network. Now working on your phone can but fun fast and easy, without any headache of syncing your phone back to your PC at the end of the day.

Low price of $399

Low Cost Windows 10 computers, new to You.

These machines are a great deal for small business, with lots of RAM and disk space for modern office needs. Thats half price of new Windows 10 machines, and they come with a free upgrade to Windows 10. These units are a great migration plan when upgrading from XPw $299.00, you can get a refurbished, off lease PC, that can still run for years.

Recent technology news

August 11, 2018 in windows

Share your calendars and email with your staff

Email has become such a small business IT critical tool, that most of us cannot live without it. It has become a integral process, it has become the storage medium…
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June 25, 2018 in Uncategorized

Mobile Data and Cloud Storage for Small Business

The latest offering from Microsoft Skydrive, is an expansion of up to 25GB of storage online. This data is synchronized from your PC to the cloud, and accessible from your iPhone,…
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50% off
Technology Assessment

50% Off a Technology Assessment 

A $750.00 savings on our thorough, detailed investigation of your IT hardware, software, processes, licensing, patching, procurement, policies, etc, all for a very low price. We tell you how to get to the next step, and what you need to get there. Contact us today to arrange an assessment.

50% off
First four hours of IT management

50% off the first 4 hours of IT Management services

A $200.00 savings when you switch to Left Coast. We are offering the first two hours of a 4 hour management engagement, free to help you plan your budget, migrations, implementations, or development, whatever you need to do. Contact us today.