Mobile Data and Cloud Storage for Small Business

The latest offering from Microsoft Skydrive, is an expansion of up to 25GB of storage online. This data is synchronized from your PC to the cloud, and accessible from your iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone with a free app. You can use this offering as your backup/disaster recovery solution, and save yourself the cost of any online backup, or USB/Disk/Tape solution you are using now.

There are recently published free web versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and One Note , that open and edit online, also accessible from your phone.

This new backup/mobile data solution begins with a Windows 7 PC, and a phone with the Skydrive app. Also when you sign up for the service, syncing your contacts and calendar to your phone is also free and included with the account.

A truly mobile data solution for small business, and its free, We can help you get there.