About Left Coast Techs



Having a tech come in and fix the problem is easy. Preventing the problem from happening is easier. IT Support is there to help you reduce problems and reduce cost.

Most of the time, the issue with repetetive service calls may be with an underlying security hole, software patch or improper configuration. This is where IT Management of the issue has its strength. We include IT Management of your entire IT process with our IT Support services. We can sit down with you monthly to review your IT Support service calls, plan the foreseeable future for any upgrades, changes or deployments, and help you prepare a budget of your expected IT Support costs for the year.

With every new client we include a promotion of free IT Management hours with you at your location. Contact us to see what the current promotion entails.

This IT Support offer is aimed at customers in the Victoria BC Canada and surrounding areas. Travel fees may apply if you are outside of this area.