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Keeping you connected

Wireless networking

Wireless networking is such an essential nowadays, and we can’t live without it. It saves our phones from generating massive data costs, and lets us stay on our laptops in every room of the office. Unfortunately your neighbours can interfere, your microwaves and handheld phone sets can scramble it, and you’re left with an unreliable network connection. We can survey the channel saturation in your area through mapping technologies and walk you through what wireless channels are the least utilized and therefore the most viable for you, what frequencies your neighbours are using, and how to stay up and running 24 hours a day.

Keeping your data safe

Networking maintenance and operations

Your business depends on your IT Support infrastructure being robust and reliable, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Left Coast Techs can provide infrastructure support and management for your firewalls, routers and servers through systems monitoring and optimization, all from our offices or yours. Whatever your hardware or software, we can efficiently manage and maintain your systems so you can focus on your business.

We can reduce all your phones, cellular, toner, printing needs down to a delegated email to our support staff.

Providing peace of mind

Managed Services

Business contracted IT services from Google Apps, Rogers or Telus Wireless Business plans, Oracle Databases to managed firewalls, are not only becoming more popular, they are becoming essential. If your Spam Blocking system or Web Hosting is causing you issues, we can assist you in managing the day to day operations of your outsourced IT services. Have us look after your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, to have regular reports on traffic to your website, keyword breakdowns and location demographics.

A trusted partner

Hosted Services

Having hardware in-house is now a more expensive option than outsourcing the service to a hosted partner when it comes to email, spam, file storage, data backup, and calendaring for small businesses. Email can now be hosted for as low as $8.00 per month for an account, including the required data backup and disaster recovery.  The energy costs alone, to run the required servers for in-house Blackberry, email, file storage, etc, can now cost more than simply outsourcing them. We can help you migrate to these IT services, save you money, and reduce your costs.

Hosted Sharepoint
Have your intranet and collaborative sharing website maintained for you.

Hosted Exchange
Reduce your costs of a local Email and File server, and outsource this as a very low cost per person per month. Shared calendars, shared mailboxes, shared Contacts included.

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Expertise at work for you

Systems deployment

Adding new IT systems to your environment can raise more questions than answers. Whether you are upgrading from Windows 7, or implementing an email server, doing it correctly the first time is critical to the services success factor. Left Coast Techs can assist your business with anything from installing your desktops, mail servers, database servers, document management systems to complete storage arrays, all efficiently and within budget. Work can be done after hours or on weekends, whenever the schedule fits your needs.

IT Support should be that easy.

Updating your systems and safety

OS Migrations

With the end of support for Windows 7, if you still have workstations running it as an OS, it represents a huge security hole in your network. Windows XP should have been removed from your network long ago. Changing from unsupported versions of Windows is no longer an option, but rather a pressing issue for small business.  If you are currently running Vista, XP or Windows 7 as your operating system and want to migrate away to Windows 10, contact us to ensure a quick resolution

These IT Support offers are aimed at customers in the Victoria BC Canada and surrounding areas. Travel fees may apply if you are outside of this area